Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Kentucky Norml is a not-for-profit corporation working to reform marijuana laws. Our board of directors and members donate their time and we rely on donations from concerned citizens like yourself. The three issues we deal with are Medical Marijuana, Recreational use of Marijuana, and Industrial Hemp. As public support continues to grow, we look forward to assisting Americans in finding a solution that works!

(Marijuana, like other drugs, is not for kids. There are many activities in our society that we permit adults to do, but forbid children, such as motorcycle riding, skydiving, signing contracts, getting married and drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco. However, we do not condone arresting adults who responsibly engage in these activities in order to dissuade our children from doing so. Nor can we justify arresting adult marijuana smokers on the grounds of sending a message to children. Our expectation and hope for young people is that they grow up to be responsible adults, and our obligation to them is to demonstrate what that means.)

Recreational Use

It’s time to stop arresting responsible marijuana smokers. Millions of Americans use marijuana; few abuse it. Arresting these otherwise law-abiding citizens serves no legitimate purpose; extends government into inappropriate areas of our private lives; and causes enormous harm to the lives, careers and families of the more than 500,000 marijuana smokers arrested each year in this country.

Download and listen to the “Stop Arresting Marijuana Smokers” PSA by Willie Nelson

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana prohibition applies to everyone, including the sick and dying. Of all the negative consequences of prohibition, none is as tragic as the denial of medicinal cannabis to the tens of thousands of patients who could benefit from its therapeutic use. Basic compassion and common sense demand we allow America’s seriously ill citizens to use whatever medication their physicians’ deem safe and effective to alleviate their pain and suffering.

Since 1996, voters in eight states — Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, Oregon and Washington — have adopted initiatives exempting patients who use marijuana under a physician’s supervision from state criminal penalties.

Industrial Hemp

In North Carolina, Kentucky and other tobacco producing states, there has been an increasing interest in alternative crops. Tobacco producers are interested in diversification because of questions about the future of that crop.

Although few alternative crops can be expected to yield high returns comparable to tobacco, industrial hemp fiber for paper and textile production has been suggested as a possibility.

There are 25,000 known uses for industrial hemp! These include textiles, paper goods, and alternative fuels.

Industrial hemp falls well below the International Standard for Drug Abuse Potential. In fact attempting to grow smokeable marijuana with industrial hemp would actually cause reduced potency and poor quality. We must force law enforcement to abandon their propaganda campaign and tell people the real facts.

Over 30 nations grow hemp including Canada, England, and China! In 1938 “Popular Mechanics Magazine” predicted that hemp would be a billion dollar industry in America. We’ve waited long enough!